Asperger’s Mystery Series

The Question of the Absentee FatherThe Question of the Absentee Father (Midnight Ink, 2017)

“Where is your father living now?” This is not a question Samuel Hoenig wants to answer, but it’s the one his mother has asked him. Samuel’s father left when he was four years old and Samuel has no desire to reconnect with him. Ms. Washburn, his friend and colleague at Questions Answered, agrees to take the trip to Los Angeles with him. When they arrive in California, answering the question of the absentee father becomes more complicated, and much more dangerous, than it first appeared.

“Charming… The reader has the satisfaction of getting a mystery, a romp, and a respectful treatment of a neuroatypical protagonist.”
Publishers Weekly

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The Question of the Felonious Friend (Midnight Ink, 2016)

The Question of the Felonious Friend by E.J. Copperman and Jeff Cohen

It’s been one year, two weeks, and three days since Samuel Hoenig opened the doors of Questions Answered. The personality traits of his Asperger’s Syndrome help Samuel maintain objectivity in his work—a critical component for his business’s continuing success.

But when Tyler Clayton, a young man who also has Asperger’s, asks if a store clerk is truly his friend, Samuel, for the first time, can’t bear to give an objective answer. It’s a dicey situation that only gets worse when one of the key players ends up dead. Resolving to do the right thing, Samuel, with help from his associate Ms. Washburn, wades into the murky waters of friendship, and the answer he finds may be a revelation to himself most of all.

“The ways of the neurotypical continue to perplex this unusual protagonist, much to the delight of readers of all cognitive stripes.”
Kirkus Reviews

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The Question of the Unfamiliar HusbandThe Question of the Unfamiliar Husband (Midnight Ink, 2015)

For Samuel Hoenig, Asperger’s isn’t so much a syndrome as it is a set of personality traits. And as the sole proprietor of a business called Questions Answered, Samuel’s put his personality traits to good use, successfully answering every question he’s ever been asked.

But when his newest client asks about the true identity of her so-called husband, Samuel recruits his former associate, Janet Washburn, for insight into a subject that’s beyond his grasp—marriage.

Working as a team seems to be the right approach… until the inscrutable spouse is found dead in Samuel’s office. Feeling like he’s been taken for a fool, Samuel is more than willing to answer a new question posed by an unexpected inquirer: who killed the unfamiliar husband?

“Captivating… Samuel gets arrested, goes on a date, and has a full-blown Asperger’s crisis when things go wrong. Readers will look forward to new challenges for Samuel in his next adventure.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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The Question of the Missing Head


The Question of the Missing Head (Midnight Ink, 2014)

Samuel Hoenig answers questions for a living. And as a man with Asperger’s Syndrome, his unique personality helps him ferret out almost any answer there is. But his latest question is a rather odd one—who stole a preserved head from the Garden State Cryonics Institute?

Arriving at the scene of the crime accompanied by his new colleague, Ms. Washburn, Samuel finds that what started out as a theft has escalated to murder. With suspects and motives emerging at a rapid rate, one final question remains—can Samuel’s powers of deduction uncover a killer in the face of overwhelming odds?

“In this well-crafted story, the Asperger’s element, rather than becoming a distraction, provides a unique point of view on crime-solving, as well as offering a sensitive look at a too-often-misunderstood condition.”
Booklist (Amy Alessio)

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