Previews of Same Difference: A Fran and Ken Stein Mystery

“A hilarious quest.” Kirkus Reviews

“It’s tempting with some books to say “just read it,” and the second in Copperman’s Fran and Ken Stein (get it?) series is that type of book: quite unbelievable but totally seductive.”  First Clue Newsletter (Brian Kenney) 

Reviews of My Cousin Skinny: A Jersey Girl Legal Mystery

“Copperman’s pace is nonstop and his timing impeccable. Let the mayhem continue.” Kirkus Reviews

“Readers who enjoy the humor in this legal mystery series will also appreciate the misdirection and twists that keep them guessing.” Library Journal (Lesa Holstine)

“a bevy of well-hidden clues make this sing. It’s pure cozy bliss.” Publishers Weekly

“the humor and touch of romance are added treats in the Jersey Girl Legal Mysteries” Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“The case takes surprising turns, all described with humorous asides and encounters with characters who might be from The Sopranos.” Booklist (Karen Muller)

Reviews of Ukulele of Death: A Fran and Ken Stein Mystery

“quite fantastic in every sense of the word… This book is a total delight… if the next volume in the series isn’t released soon, I’m heading to New Jersey and downloading it from the author’s computer myself.” First Clue Newsletter (Brian Kenney)

“… a light and lively paranormal-tinged series… Fran’s narration zips along… fans of Copperman’s Jersey Girl mysteries will enjoy themselves.” Publishers Weekly

“an enjoyable mix of sci-fi and mystery elements, Copperman’s latest… features an intriguing and likable pair of detectives whose complementary skills help them survive and thrive” Library Journal (Dan Forrest)

“Expect the unexpected in this new series… readers will enjoy this reliable author’s use of witty banter, sharp pop culture observations, and twists on classic mystery tropes.” Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

Reviews of And Justice For Mall: A Jersey Girl Legal Mystery

Sandy doesn’t want to take on an 11-year-old client, but Riley Schoenberg will not be denied. Her mom is dead and her dad is in jail, having confessed to the crime. But Sandy thinks she can get him a new trial, if the real killer doesn’t get her and Riley first…

“Sprightly characters and smart dialogue drive the plot… Those seeking pure escapist fare will be delighted.” Publishers Weekly 

“Text-messaged threats against Sandy and her pint-sized client, a kidnapping, and a grenade-wielding abductor in a Covid-protective mask are only some of the zaniness Copperman has on tap for his latest dose of legal mayhem.” Kirkus Reviews

“It always seems as if Sandy is spinning her wheels, but she manages to put all the clues together in another outrageous mystery.” Lesa’s Book Critiques

“Fans of bizarre characters and spirited sleuths will appreciate this offbeat, humorous story.” – Library Journal (Lesa Holstine)

“Sandy’s very Jersey-Girl opinions are always sharp and witty as she pokes through the brittle LA façade of glamour and wealth, making this another outstanding blend of legal drama and California satire.” Kings River Life (Cynthia Chow)

“Sandy’s aside to the reader add a welcome humorous touch.” Booklist (Sue O’Brien)

Reviews of Witness for the Persecution: A Jersey Girl Legal Mystery

When an abrasive Hollywood movie director is accused of murdering a stuntman on set, Sandy can’t say no when he demands her help. Robert might be an unpleasant, egotistical liar, but something tells Sandy that he’s innocent – even if no one else can see it.

“Vibrant characters, a suitably complicated plot, sparkling dialogue, plenty of laughs, and some shrewd observations on L.A. and the film industry make for a rollicking good time. Copperman knows how to entertain.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Crafty and zany, with a well-clued solution.” Kirkus Reviews

“The protagonist’s sarcastic thoughts and wit add just the right amount of humor… The savvy former prosecutor knows her way around the courtroom, and her defense might be the most enjoyable one since Perry Mason… Readers who enjoy streetwise protagonists and intelligent courtroom scenes will appreciate Copperman’s latest.” Library Journal (Lesa Holstine)

“If you still remember Perry Mason’s trial scenes with fondness, you’ll love Sandy Moss in court… Witness for the Persecution is a delightful legal novel set in a world that is already imaginary – Hollywood. The law and humor go hand-in-hand in this enjoyable mystery.” Lesa’s Book Critiques

Reviews of Judgment at Santa Monica: A Jersey Girl Legal Mystery

Patrick McNabb’s dear friend Cynthia is getting divorced, and he thinks Sandy’s perfect for the job. She accepts – because he’s Patrick and there is no denying him. Soon Sandy’s tangled up in yet another murder – and Patrick, who’s currently playing a private detective on TV, believes he’s essential to solving the whole thing . . .

“Terrific… A truly witty narrator, Sandy peppers the text with sly, wry throwaway lines. This breezy book is a pure pleasure to read.” Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“Copperman, the creator of a host of zany franchise characters, shows that Byzantine twists and turns, if plotted carefully enough, just add to the fun. Legal mayhem at its finest.” Kirkus Reviews (Starred review)

“Sharp dialogue, wry observations about the LA lifestyle, and the many red herrings and plot swerves will keep readers engaged and riveted to the very last page. Bring on the next in this series, now!” Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

“As much as I enjoyed the mystery in JUDGMENT AT SANTA MONICA, the characters are a hoot and contribute equally to my enjoyment of the story. The witty banter is amazeballs, and the rhythm of it is fantastic.” Fresh Fiction (Miranda Owens)

Reviews of Inherit the Shoes: A Jersey Girl Legal Mystery

New Jersey prosecutor Sandy Moss is tired of petty criminals, and a new job at a glitzy Los Angeles law firm seems the perfect career move. But on Sandy’s first case is the divorce of charismatic TV star Patrick McNabb. But that’s not as dead as Patrick’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Patsy, is that evening, when she’s discovered shot by an arrow, her husband standing over her. 

“Copperman… provokes plenty of laughter in his latest whodunit. If readers are fortunate, they will all return in another quick-paced installment.” The Christian Science Monitor

“Could give Perry Mason a run for his money… Readers won’t want to miss a minute of the mayhem. In or out of the courtroom, Copperman’s right on the money.” Kirkus Reviews

“This is a delicious, funny, perfect book… a pure pleasure to read… I haven’t enjoyed a book more in quite a while, and I can’t recommend it more highly.” Aunt Agatha’s

“Sandy is a Jersey girl, a competent, tenacious, yet vulnerable heroine in a cast of vividly described characters and in a story with multiple plot twists that’s enlivened with humor and set against the glittering backdrop of Hollywood.” Booklist (Sue O’Brien)

“I was not disappointed… this is a fun, frothy read that reminded me of some of my favorite odd-couple detective shows.” Comics Worth Reading

“…larger than life characters, a lot wit and of sharp writing, a generous dollop of slapstick – and yes, slapstick does work on the page – an eleventh-hour rescue when all appears lost, and a down-to-earth protagonist bemused by it all, who I hope is destined to run and run.”  Promoting Crime Fiction (Lynne Patrick)

“The court scenes are as clever and engaging as those written by Parnell Hall under the name J.P. Hailey, with unexpected reveals and betrayals. The second of this series can’t come soon enough.” Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

“Might be the best one yet! INHERIT THE SHOES is what Copperman does best. A compelling mystery with a spritz of humor as only EJ can do it.” Cats Books and More Cats

Reviews of Bones Behind the Wheel: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

“Copperman provides a ton of spirited fun for the reader.” Publishers Weekly

“Alison’s humorous first-person account, featuring remarkably easy-to-believe ghosts, will appeal to fans of Kate Kingsbury’s Merry Ghost Inn mysteries.” Booklist (Sue O’Brien)

“Evokes Hitchcock with an equal number of laughs and thrills.” Fresh Fiction (Miranda Owen)

“A genuinely hilarious and surprising novel. The next installment can’t come soon enough.” Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

“Copperman takes a 40-year-old cold case and makes it HOT!… I love, love, love it all!” Cozy Mystery Book Reviews (Missi S.)

“Laugh out loud funny antics.” Map Your Mystery

Bones Behind the Wheel has plenty to offer mystery fans; it will mystify and amuse readers right to the end.” Manhattan Book Review (Danielle McManus)

Reviews of The Question of the Dead Mistress: An Asperger’s Mystery

“Readers will delight in watching Copperman’s literal-minded hero grapple not only with unpredictable and nuanced human thinking, but with logic from beyond the grave.” Kirkus Reviews

“Series fans will appreciate the further development of Samuel’s character” Publishers Weekly

“Thoroughly enjoyable… if only Cohen/Copperman would provide a chart of (Samuel’s) Beatle song deductions, these books would be quite literally perfect. As it is they are pretty darn close.” Mystery Scene Magazine (Robin Agnew)

“Samuel is an extraordinarily intelligent and vulnerable character who has grown so much throughout this series, with a once unthinkable romance now blossoming into something more… This is a wonderful series, told from such an original viewpoint, that readers will only want to know more of what awaits Samuel in future.” Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

 Reviews of Bird, Bath and Beyond: An Agent to the Paws Mystery

“A second sharp outing for Copperman’s pitch-perfect heroine.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Charming… animal lovers and cozy readers should savor this romp through the world of animal acting and television production” Publishers Weekly

“Well-written… a fun book to read” Dru’s Book Musings (Dru Ann Love)

“I love these books and Kay Powell… Looking for humor, a likable amateur sleuth and a delightful mystery? Check out Bird, Bath, and Beyond.” Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“The mystery is a good one with possibilities everywhere. It takes a clever mind to figure out how it all happened—but will Kay figure it out in time? This is the second book in this series (Dog Dish of Doom was first). Both are enjoyable reads with great characters.” Kings River Life Magazine (Sandra Murphy)

Reviews of The Hostess With the Ghostess: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

“This continues to be a delightful and extraordinarily fun series…  Copperman continues to showcase his sharp and wry humor, blending them with moments of true emotion and sentiments. A multitude of unexpected turns will surprise even the most jaded of mystery readers, concluding with a finale as satisfying as it is just. The Haunted Guesthouse series is one that continues to entertain, with every new entry guaranteed to deliver its share of laughs of gasps.” Kings River Life (Cynthia Chow)

“Enjoyable… The antics of the ghosts are amusing.” Publishers Weekly

“Can I just say, I love this series? Together, they form an interesting, if dysfunctional, group of people who are great fun to read about. It makes me want to go visit the Guesthouse and stay for the spook show!” The Speed of Write 

“The plots in this series keep getting better. This is one that comes with wit, charm, suspense, humor, and characters you will not soon forget.” Suspense Magazine

“THE HOSTESS WITH THE GHOSTESS is like a Perry Mason tale of legal intrigues and murder but with a paranormal twist.” Fresh Fiction

“It’s the character interactions that make the read enjoyable… The light-hearted humor keeps the read entertaining and moving along.” Comics Worth Reading

“A lighthearted way to deal with murder, death, and beyond! Five stars!” Night Owl Reviews (Rocco LoTempio)

Reviews of Dog Dish of Doom: An Agent to the Paws Mystery

“Hilarious… outrageously funny characters including Kay’s father, an aging actor determined to play detective. (A)nyone looking for a laugh-out-loud mystery should pick up this series launch” Library Journal (Starred review)

“Nifty series launch… Resilient, warm, funny supporting players.”
Publishers Weekly

“Well-drawn characters, including a heroine who talks directly to the reader, and effectively framed with details of the theater enhance this humorous cozy.” Booklist (Sue O’Brien)

“E.J. Copperman – I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – is one of the best cozy writers working at the moment.” Aunt Agatha’s

“The author gives Kay a voice that is a believable mixture of exasperation and vulnerability, and her attitude towards show business is equal parts fondness and despair… Copperman has the makings of a successful series, one that could break out and find a wider audience than just “cozy” readers.” Criminal Element (Katherine Tomlinson)

“Kay’s narrative voice is very good, and her parents are delightful (El has a great response early on when Kay says “Mom, I don’t think you’re getting exactly what I’m risking here;”Jay is constantly playing a part).  This is probably going to get tagged as a “cozy,” and maybe it is.  But it’s also pretty tough underneath.  I think you’ll enjoy this installment; I know I’m already looking forward to #2.” Words & Music (Don Coffin)

“Readers can always count on getting a good mystery, great characters, and a lot of laughs as they turn the pages. The only disappointment is in finding out how it ends, is that you’re at the end of the book. Get them all and binge read. It will improve any bad day and make good days even better.” Kings River Life Magazine (Sandra Murphy)

Reviews of The Question of the Absentee Father: An Asperger’s Mystery

“Fans coast to coast can take pleasure in seeing Copperman’s quirky hero remain his rational, literal self, even out in fabulous La La Land.” Kirkus Reviews

“The reader has the satisfaction of getting a mystery, a romp, and a respectful treatment of a neuroatypical protagonist.” Publishers Weekly

“Trademark humor and sardonic dialogue, with a chase on the 101 that is hilarious… Events of the last book ended with a stunning occurrence, and yet another one here ensures that the wait for Samuel’s next adventure will be unbearable.” King’s River Life (Cynthia Chow)

“(A)nother strong outing for Samuel and his team — as well as for E.J. Copperman. For those who like a mystery on the cozy side, with some strong characters, this is the one for you.” The Irresponsible Reader (HC Newton)

“The growth of Samuel—his willingness to take risks, his ability to deal with situations (including driving in L.A.)—make this, for me, an extremely satisfying and fulfilling book.  I’m already looking forward to the next chapter in Samuel’s story.” Words & Music (Don Coffin)

“I very much recommend this series to anyone who is personally touched by the Autism Spectrum, to those who want to know more about Asperger’s or other atypical neurological syndromes, and to everyone who just loves a good mystery novel.” Words and Books and Things (Jill Nicely)

Reviews of Edited Out: A Mysterious Detective Mystery

“One of the most unusual murder mysteries I’ve ever read… routinely spiced by Rachel’s clever and mordant wit.” Mystery Scene Magazine (Joseph Scarpato, Jr.)

“This one is really that awesome. It is a series to move to the top of your “To Be Read” pile.” (Her boldface.) A Cozy Experience

“E.J. Copperman keeps the reader entertained from the first word to the last, even gets you to chuckle some and holding your breath in parts…..  It is such a FUN read !!” Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

“Manages to keep the quirky conceit of the series fresh and charming… low-key, character-driven fun.”
Publishers Weekly

“Copperman has a witty style that occasionally had me laughing out loud… So suspend your disbelief… Edited Out  is a delight! –Popular Culture Association

“(T)he interesting premise, humor, plot twists, writer’s tips, and Rachel’s asides to the reader add to the story.” Booklist (Sue O’Brien)

“”Edited Out” continues to document E. J. Copperman’s mastery of the genre and is very highly recommended.Midwest Book Review

Reviews of the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series

“Oh my gosh I could not put it down… Crazy, lovely fun… full of great surprises.”
A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery (Karen Owen)

“I love the internal quips from Alison that keep me laughing.”
–Dru Ann Love, Dru’s Book Musings

“Readers will be rewarded with a novel that delightfully entertains with its depiction of celebrities and fans, the music industry, and businesses where the customer is definitely not always right.”
–Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life

“I always enjoy the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries, mainly because of the dry humor that EJ Copperman injects into it. The characters are always quirky and amusing”
–Rocco LoTempio, Night Owl Reviews

“…an extraordinarily fun mystery that veers into unexpected directions and never follows a reader’s expectations”
Kings River Life (Cynthia Chow)

“A truly enjoyable read with many laugh-out-loud moments and a devilishly clever mystery to solve.”
Kittling: Books

“Boasting a great cast of characters, witty repartee and the backdrop of the NJ shore, this is a delightfully wonderful read”
Dru’s Book Musings (Dru Ann Love)

“It was nice to see so much growth from all of the characters throughout the series, but this was the one I had been waiting for.”

Deb’s Book Bag

“E.J. Copperman is a talented author with so much to offer this genre. ”
Marie’s Cozy Corner

“I love this mystery and can’t wait for the next installment!”
Fresh Fiction (Miranda Owen)

“An absolutely perfect beach read”
Crimespree Magazine (Gloria Feit)

“Pick up E.J. Copperman’s books for the great covers or the ghosts. You’ll return to the series because of the fun mysteries, the dry humor, and the great characters.”
Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

The Thrill of the Haunt is an easy and enjoyable read. It contains a bunch of ghosts and some good characters with the right amount of tension and suspense.”
Seattle News

“Charms readers… with fast and witty dialogue and characters who can be as exasperating as they are endearing… When combined with the author’s trademark humor and keen writing, readers will be wishing that the novel and the series never end.”
Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

“A perfect cozy mystery read”
Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick, Rocco Lo Tiempo)

“An absorbing story of the normal, abnormal and paranormal, laced with humor and charm.”
Stuff and Nonsense (Marlyn Beebe)

“I may or may not have actually gasped out loud. Several times. It was all dramatic.”
The Rekindled Reader

“In Alison Kerby, we readers get a wise-cracking, foot-in-mouth would-be gumshoe. And one who has managed to crawl into that little space in my reader’s heart and set up camp.”
Dark Phantom (Victoria Dougherty)

“Amazing… The writing is excellent with non-stop humor and clever and witty dialogue.”
Dru’s Book Musings (Dru Ann Love)

“An enjoyable escape for any reader wanting to laugh”
Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“Copperman writes dialogue that bites with sharp wit but never sacrifices its heart”
Kings River Life Magazine (Cynthia Chow)

“Great fun with a tinge of salt air.”
The Mystery Reader (Jennifer Monahan Winberry)

Old Haunts is like an old friend (or your snuggy blanket)—dependable, solid, and just what you need it to be.”
Night Owl Suspense (Rocco LoTiempo)

“Leave your disbelief behind. Pretend you believe in ghosts. You’ll certainly believe in Alison Kerby as a perfect amateur sleuth.”
Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“Funny sometimes, charming sometimes, a little unnerving sometimes.”
Gumshoe Review (Sherry Lilley)

“An Uninvited Ghost is a triumph… The humor is delightful… If you like ghost stories mixed with your mystery, try this Jersey Shore mystery… The killer made perfect sense, but I never saw it coming.”
Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“Oh my gosh, the ending. You will not believe the ending when you get to it! It was a mystery to me the whole time, who could have been the murderer, but when you finally find out who it was, you will be shocked.”
Panda Reads

“I was in the perfect mood for a light, fast-paced, and laugh-out-loud funny read. Night of the Living Deed almost immediately had me in reading nirvana.”
Kittling: Books (Cathy Cole)

“There are several series out now featuring protagonists who can interact with ghosts. Some are good, but this one is the best I’ve read.”
Over My Dead Body (Shirley Wetzel)

“Each page brings a new surprise. This series is one to follow. Craftily written and enjoyable.”
Romance Readers Connection (Kathy Fisher)

“It’s Topper meets Beetlejuice with a dash of This Old House thrown in for good measure, and it’s one of the best mysteries I’ve read this year. Run out (right now!) and buy yourself a copy; you can thank me later.”
The Maine Suspect

“Copperman’s Alison Kerby is my kind of amateur sleuth, reluctant. Fans of Alice Kimberly’s Haunted Bookshop series will enjoy this book. Don’t miss this one.”
—Lesa Holstine, Lesa’s Book Critiques

“A fine example of a cozy mystery… Humorous and heart-warming.”
—Joseph B. Hoyos, Gumshoe Review

“I literally just turned the last page of this book, not 5 minutes ago. But I liked it so much that I wanted to post a review immediately. I am officially a fan of the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery series.”
—Jeanne Wilkinson Campbell, A Cup of Tea and a Cozy For Me

Night of the Living Deed could be the world’s first screwball mystery. You’ll die laughing and then come back a very happy ghost.”
—Chris Grabenstein, Anthony and Agatha award winning author

E.J. Copperman begins a wonderful new series by crafting a laugh-out-loud, fast-paced and charming tale that will keep you turning pages and guessing until the very end.”
—Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author

“Fans of Charlaine Harris and Sarah Graves will relish this original, laugh-laden paranormal mystery featuring reluctant ghost whisperer Alison Kerby, a Topper for the 21st century. Meticulously crafted, Night of the Living Deed is a sparkling first entry in a promising new series.”
—Julia Spencer-Fleming, Anthony and Agatha Award winning author of One Was A Soldier

Reviews of The Asperger’s Mystery Series

“The ways of the neurotypical continue to perplex this unusual protagonist, much to the delight of readers of all cognitive stripes.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Manages to be funny and at the same time accurate and respectful.”
–Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Publishers Weekly

“It’s almost impossible not to like Samuel from the get-go, but it was the last sentence of Chapter 2 that probably sealed the deal as far as character goes.Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the main characters in this book… it’s literally on every page, it’s the subtext (if not subject) of every conversation, and, obviously, it colors everything Samuel says/does. It makes everything amusing/quirky — but it’s never played for laughs or just to be odd.”
The Irresponsible Reader

“I loved this book! I highly recommend this book to any reader who wants to step away from “formula” mysteries and try something different, especially if they know anyone within the autism-spectrum.”
My Interdimensional Chaos

” Seeing the world through Samuel’s eyes is both a gift and an education. These are charming mysteries, well-written and engrossing.”
Just Let Me Finish This Page

“Captivating… Samuel gets arrested, goes on a date, and has a full-blown Asperger’s crisis when things go wrong. Readers will look forward to new challenges for Samuel in his next adventure.”
Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“Samuel is a fascinating character who has learned various coping methods to compensate for his inability to read people. His second adventure will captivate readers”
—Library Journal

“Just as Samuel grows Questions Answered, Copperman… continues to grow Samuel, making him just as quirky but more appealing than in his debut.”
Kirkus Reviews

“But, damn, is this a fine book. I am blown away by the quality of the writing, by the grace and sensitivity with which the characters are depicted, and by the intricacy of the plot. As much as I enjoyed the first book in this series (The Question of the Missing Head), I found this book a major step forward. The first one was really good. This is great.”
Words and Music (Donald Coffin)

“Delightfully fresh and witty… Pure heaven.”
—Chosen as a top pick of 2014, Mystery Scene Magazine (Robin Agnew)

“(D)elightful and charming… What works best… is that the book doesn’t shrink from depicting Samuel’s idiosyncrasies–they are simply part of who he is.”
Publishers Weekly

“In this well-crafted story, the Asperger’s element, rather than becoming a distraction, provides a unique point of view on crime-solving, as well as offering a sensitive look at a too-often-misunderstood condition.”
Booklist (Amy Alessio)

“Copperman/Cohen succeeds in providing a glimpse not only of the challenges experienced by those with Asperger’s, but also of their unique gifts.” (Four Stars)
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (Steve Steinbock)

Chosen as one of the Top 5 Mysteries of 2014! “This absolutely charming, totally enjoyable book is one of the reads of the year… This is literally an almost perfect novel set within the confines of the traditional mystery. Bravo.”
Aunt Agatha’s (Ann Arbor, MI) Newsletter

“Cleverly written and humorous… A fun book.”
Crimespree Magazine (Gay Toltl Kinman)

“The mystery is excellent, the minor characters clever and well-developed… Cohen/Copperman pulls you into his story and into the very different mind of his protagonist with an ease that is as cool and professional as the way James Lee Burke delivers the simmering anger and pain in alcoholic detective Dave Robicheaux or Tony Hillerman reveals the completely different worldview of a Navajo shaman.Yeah, I want to read more of Hoenig and Washburn.”
Tired of Talking About Myself (Terry Irving)

“Copperman and Cohen build the suspense deftly with each chapter. And I laughed—always a plus.”
The Book Grrl (Debbi Mack)

“In this book the author has absolutely captured the personality of Samuel Hoenig and thanks to all sorts of asides and we the reader are not only entertained to an excellent murder… but also how people with Aspergers think and act.. I sincerely hope that this will lead to a new series because Samuel Hoenig is too special and too clever not to be given lots of cases to solve in the future… (A) wonderful, clever and highly entertaining murder/mystery.”
Best Selling Crime Thrillers (Treebeard)

“I love this book… It’s charming, as is Samuel as we get to see inside his head… There’s something of a young Monk about him.”
Just a Normal Girl in London

“Pure genius!”
NetGalley (Aileen Kay)

“(A)n incredible book. I was so happy to find a book that allowed me to learn about something that interested me in a work of fiction. I cannot recommend this book enough.”
Open Book Society (Jerjen)

“(T)his is an entirely unique narrative from the viewpoint of the “gifted” detective … this entertaining novel shines a light on how Samuel has adapted his traits into assets and through training has learned to make allowances for the mundane ‘normals.’”
NetGalley (Cynthia Chow)

“The book offers a good story told with humor, but also a sensitive look at an often-misunderstood condition.”
Jewish Community Voice (Judy Brookover)

Reviews of Written Off: A Mysterious Detective Mystery

“Copperman sets up an intriguing premise. Lots of fun.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Entertaining… Rachel’s funny, self-deprecating voice effectively carries the implausible premise, and insights into a writer’s daily life add verisimilitude.”
Publishers Weekly

“Another terrific read from a exceptionally skilled storyteller”
Midwest Book Review

“Loads of fun and very clever and funny as hell.”
Crimespree Magazine

“Light, humorous and intriguing. You’ll want to know more about Duffy Madison”
Lesa’s Book Critiques (Lesa Holstine)

“Off-the-wall fun for the reader… a delight”
Noir Journal (Kristopher Upjohn)

“This could only be an E.J. Copperman creation… It is simply terrific”
–Gloria Feit

“…a slew of quips that will keep you turning pages until well past your bedtime. Yes, this book is that good… brings to mind the renowned M.C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin.”
My (Laura Hinds)

“This is the first in a new series, and it promises to be a good one… a killer last line”
Kings River Life (Sandra Murphy)

“Delightfully snarky… The unique premise of this new series is both intriguing and cleverly done, offering a tongue-in-cheek glimpse into the world of mystery writing.”
–Carrie Townsend, RT Book Reviews

Written Off is full of snappy remarks told with wit. Meanwhile, E.J. Copperman still has that warm, kissable quality, like a favourite teddy bear. All members of the crime fiction community should read this book.”
Reviews by T de V (Theresa de Valence)

“Do you remember the screwball comedies that were such fun to watch? Well, here’s one you can read!”
Luxury Reading (Kelly Ferjutz) (Warning–spoilers!)

“Maybe the best thing you’ve ever written.”
–E.J.’s Mom (seriously, she said that)