Fran and Ken Stein Mysteries

Same Difference (Severn House, 2024)

Fran and Ken are asked to track down Eliza, a young trans woman who has vanished and isn’t answering her phone. Her frantic father, with whom she has a somewhat strained relationship, says she’s been taken, but Frank thinks Eliza might very well not want to be found. And then a friend of hers is found strangled in a basement, and Fran might not be able to trust Mank, her sort-of boyfriend cop, to help track down the killer.

Along the way she’ll become Eliza’s fellow fugitive from justice, Ken will have an idea about finding their parents, and someone’s going to climb a building. Strap in.

Ukulele of Death, (Severn House, 2023)

Fran Stein and her brother Ken aren’t like other investigators. In fact, they’re not like anyone else: More created than born, they are the “children” of two brilliant scientists who couldn’t conceive and decided to take matters into their own laboratories. Fran and Ken are larger than (most human) life and strong in a “junior superhero” kind of way.

When Evelyn Bannister asks them to find a rare ukulele she thinks will lead to her birth father, Fran is skeptical. She’s more than that when the uke is sold for over a million dollars and Evelyn is found murdered in her apartment. There’s also news about Fran and Ken’s missing parents and it’s not necessarily good…



And now available as an audiobook!